Can Texas inmates have tablets? Is TDCJ giving tablets to inmates? Yes, Securus Technologies is giving Texas inmates free tablets. Tablets are pre-loaded with the largest digital educational program in corrections. Tablets also include e-books, religious materials, a radio and music. Additional items and services are available on the tablet. Video calls, voice calls, and eMessaging are just a few of the additional options available.

SecureView Tablets

Free SecureView Tablets for TDCJ inmates have arrived and more are on the way. Unlock alerts to know when your loved one receives their tablet.

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Receive a call from your your loved one's tablet today. Real life video sharing. Enroll today and get ready to share your life again.

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Receive real time alerts when any TDCJ facilitiy starts disbursing free SecureView Tablets to Texas inmates.

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Conveniently connect with incarcerated friends and family through video sessions and much more. Gain access from the free Securus App on your phone, computer or tablet.


Securus Lantern Program is the largest digital education program in Texas corrections. Now it's available for free on SecureView Tablets. Stay updated, unlock alerts when any TDCJ facility issues tablets to inmates.

All Software Is Provided For Private communications.

Securus Video Connect provides the freedom to share the world with your loved one. Set up an inmate fund to ease the burden and cost on your justice involved friend or family member.


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Securus Technology provides everything you need to start connecting with the inmate you care about.​​

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Securus provides affordable subscriptions and rates for everyone. .​​

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Video calls, text messaging or direct emails are now available through Securus’ network and tablets.

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